Fuck the king

Fuck the king

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i hate small talk

tell me about how lonely you are or tell me about why you keep waking up in the morning or talk to me about your mum’s eyes and your dad’s laugh. I don’t care about the weather and you don’t care about how my job’s going.

I’m so fucking in love with this.

yo, seriously

how can i blacklist all posts like this can people just tag them #pseudo profound john green shit so i never have to see them

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this is never going to not be funny 

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WMAW (kn-comics.com)

Love this!


something about this bothers me

because a LOT of asian guys have complained that asian girls have it “easier” than asian guys (i mean he’s not EXPLICITLY saying that but there are some implications)

and it’s really not true, we’re more FETISHIZED

Okay honestly, I got really annoyed reading this.  Cause this is the same crap Asian guys pull/do all the fucking time. You know why you feel uncomfortable? Why you feel bothered? Because your “maleness”/”masculinity” is being defined by your possessionof us (hence why you feel so fucking bothered despite being in such a fulfilling relationship).  Like what makes you more entitled to our bodies than white men (NOT saying white men are entitled to our bodies. Cause they fucking aren’t)? Why do you feel like you’re being wronged by not having access to our bodies? Huh? STOP PLAYING THE GODDAMN VICTIM BY ANTAGONIZING US. WE DIDN’T DO THIS SHIT TO YOU. Like god do you not have any idea how white supremacy works? They emasculate you, they fetishize us. And I’m getting the idea that pricks like you seem to think fetishizing = good. Or “better” than emasculation. I want you to take a look at the statistics on abuse Asian women face, specifically sexual abuse/assault. I dare you to fucking tell me that fetishizing is good or easier than emasculation. I mean seriously wtf??? Are people supposed to pity you and other Asian men? Do you want us to cry you a goddamn river? I mean w o w. Just wow. And I love how the image you use is “Asian women r honkie white-boy worshipping whores” and how you “can’t help” but relate to it. Cause that says a lot. It says a lot that you choose to lash out, slut-shame, and demonize Asian women instead of White men. And hahaha “But thankfully…I’ve been busy”??? “Living and growing”???? hahahaha fuck off. If this comic is indicative of anything, it shows that you haven’t grown jackshit.  Go educate yourself and pls stay the fuck away from Asian women until you get your head screwed on straight.

/projectile vomits all over this comic

wow fuck this comic


Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

Benjamin Franklin (via metaphorically)

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Nobody said it was easy series 2 was going to be this excruciatingly painful

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Our backwards-looking, intellectually stunted prime minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, was driving through Canberra when he spotted some high school students on a school trip to the nation’s capital, and, on a whim and to his credit, decided to pull over and make himself available to them.

In my happiest fantasies I could not have wished worse luck upon him. The students were from the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts — creative, open-minded, well-informed kids from one of Australia’s (very few) urban left strongholds. God bless every one of these brats.

EDIT: I wanted to mention that my very favourite moment in this video is, “Let’s have a bloke’s question.” Tony Abbott is so intimidated by women, girls even, that even in this situation he reflexively seeks refuge amongst ‘the boys’.


too many

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